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Maintenance / Service

Each of Flexo Export’s highly trained technical associates specialize in a particular brand of press. Because each brand of press has its own “personality”, we make sure that the technician rebuilding YOUR potential press is an expert, in order to maintain the greatest quality control possible.

Finance & Leasing

FlexoExport can provide your company with full “global” financing or leasing opportunities. Whether your firm resides domestically or internationally, we, at FlexoExport can assist you with lease/loan plans as well as unique ideas incorporating International Letters of Credit.


Our team performs all of our internal (and a portion of our external) crating/skidding and rigging needs. In addition, we have developed a network of highly efficient riggers in every state that can aid you with all of your machinery moving efforts.


Throughout our 48 years of service to the industry, we have developed a unique ability to listen to the needs of our clients. While many of our clients know what's necessary to augment their production, many others are new to the label industry and rely on our unbiased assessment of the “PROPER” machine. It's essential that we recommend the correct machine for your needs and not the most profitable machine for our pockets!!

Global Sales

As many of you already know, FlexoExport is one of the leading sales agencies of “Pre-Owned” Label Printing Machinery, globally. Our years of traveling to foreign lands, in order to become completely familiar with many of your markets, has allowed us to develop strong friendships around the world. We rejoice in the success that our global friends have experienced and we are proud to support the global alliance of label printers.